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NOW OPEN: The Puerto del Sol 2024 Poetry and Prose Contest!

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Spring 2024 Issue: Consumption 
PdS 59.1 Back Cover.jpg

 Mission Statement

Puerto del Sol's overall mission is the discovery, advancement, and promotion of new writing. On a national and international stage, Puerto del Sol aids new writers to reach their readers through publication in our semiannual journal. The magazine exuberantly embodies the university motto of "BE BOLD" by showcasing contemporary, innovative and socially and historically relevant work that may be unknown to readers. The writing we publish arrives from countries not well exposed in the American mainstream or through writing in translation. The showcasing of international literature and work in translation is also in alignment with the university's to support "creating healthy borders." The emphasis, especially on writers from the border region and Spanish language literature, also aligns with NMSU's designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. We publish writing produced by people of underrepresented races, ages, and sexual identities.

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