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For over half a century, Puerto del Sol has been dedicated to provide a forum for inventive and fresh prose, poetry, reviews, criticism, and artwork; and we strive to publish voices from emerging and established writers and artists. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in not following a standardized aesthetic—instead, we seek work that presents authenticity, sincerity, and respect. We recommend reading our most current issue or works from our online journal to get a sense of the content we have published recently. Thank you for your interest in our magazine, and we look forward to reading your work.

Puerto del Sol is published by MFA candidates at New Mexico State University.

Any and all inquiries may be sent to


AWP 2020 | Issue 55 - Space

(Left) Shiane D. Jacocks, Prose Editor

(Right) Susan Yim, Assistant Prose Editor


AWP 2019 | Issue 54.1 - Absence

                      Issue 54.2 - Korean Women Writers

(Sole) Jill Mceldowney, Managing Editor

AWP 2018 | Issue 53 - Science

(Left) Jill Mceldowney, Staff Reader

(Mid) Caroline Chavatel, Assistant Poetry Editor

(Right) Richard Greenfield, Editor-in-Chief

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