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Puerto del Sol is funded by New Mexico State University and the Mercedes Delos Jacobs Fund, and designed and operated by the students of the MFA in Creative Writing program.

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November 8, 2019


movement flickers

under the pale sheet of SSRIs.

the sharpest parts of my fingers

dig into my palm,

excavating crescents

in bruised shades of purple.

i hold a galaxy in my hand.

the elixir glazes my gut

in nauseating swirls.

my chained beast squirms


October 26, 2019

I was raised in the light of mountain   hulk of

a confident outline   brazen   vibrational

luster a conglomerate presence of   pine   stone

lion   deer     &   bear’s

amorous desiring o...

October 11, 2019


A father pins his son against a wall

and wraps his hand around that little throat

to squeeze it only once, as if to say

I cannot take this wildness of your wings.

An hour afterwards, he wipes a cloth

across the stinging eyes his boy can’t close


September 27, 2019

Diane, remember the room divider 

we improvised so we could each have privacy? 

A twine between the two halves of the room. 

Our bunk bed taken apart—your top bunk 

brought to your side of the room and my bunk 

brought to mine. We threw a dark blanket 


September 13, 2019

Elegy     (in process)

I remember myself and my open legs. Silk lingerie
          to dance in. I remember that the grasses swayed too,
                    the olives and wheat murmuring toward the sky....

August 30, 2019

Notable Eggo Shortages



The hurricane that tore Galveston

Off the map is better known,

But a storm two years prior

Made mincemeat of Puerto Rico,

Swamped with twenty-eight

Days of ra...

August 16, 2019

self portrait as isaac, or i reread genesis and once again consider the idea of top surgery

abraham leads me to the mountain

& i am the one holding the blade

the rock is so thirsty, asks for every sacrifice

halo and whetstone are listed as synonyms in th...

August 2, 2019

(Resisting [Forgetting) Resisting] 

The Japanese character forget 忘 stacks

the character for to die 亡 atop the character

for heart 心. Die over heart.


July 19, 2019

Inspired By

Inspired by the elven.

Inspired by the cloven-hoofed.

Inspired by horses & hunter green.

Inspired by the micro-plastics in our DNA.

Inspired by, Earth isn’t your mother;

she’s a saga.

Inspired by don’t look at me.

Inspired by but my hands shake


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