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Spring 2022 Issue Has Launched!

Cover art - "Secret Island" by Lee Hyoyoun

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Puerto del Sol's Spring 2022 issue! This issue's theme of "Water" drew in so many fascinating contributions and we're so excited to share these moving, thoughtful, strange pieces with all our readers.

Copies are available at this purchase link. If you'd like to purchase more than one copy, please send us an email!

Forever grateful to all of our incredible contributors (listed in order of appearance in the issue):

Alexa T. Orozco Dodd

Care Santos

Lawrence Schimel

Daniel Biegelson

Alan Soldofsky

Robert Long Foreman

Jun Tsuji

Ryan Choi

Edward Salem

Kathleen Rooney

Jonah CS

Robyn Art

Erika T. Wurth

Alyssandra Tobin

Luís Miguel Nava

Alexis Levitin

Ricardo Vasconcelos

Sara Lupita Olivares

Andrea L. Rogers

Troy Jollimore

Yi Tal

Ian Haight

T’ae-Yong Hŏ

Valerie Hsiung

Genevieve Kaplan

Sara Biggs Chaney

Michael Chaney

James Reed

James Grinwis

Robert Alan Wendeborn

Steven Salmoni

Keija Parssinen

Cody Smith

Lauren Mallett

Nikki Zielinski

JJ Amaworo Wilson

Aimee Wright Clow

Elizabeth Feng

Kirstin Allio

Helena Olufsen

Brad Rose

Jenny Sadre-Orafai

Z.G. Tomaszewski

Kaitlyn Teer

Leah Claire Kaminski

Maura Way

Mariah Rigg


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