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SEUN FAKOYEDE | in registering a name

i check for a name’s availability so i don’t

violate the business’ trademark. God is taken

but i can be devil. you devil, my wife says

when i try on her mascara & wear her bra

to see how much of a woman i can translate

into. i dance to the harvest of happiness.

even when there is no need, i find myself

useful, check the names the ground feigns

it is unaware of, names which recently

have become available for use: my father’s.

the young boy who never came home

from school. crushed paper of a likely story.

to be young is to have today & even

tomorrow. i tell my sister when you name

your son, give him the one which doesn’t

die without love. a name stops working

if it’s called in a surrounding outside

its design envelope. name him Home

so he’ll remember the practice of returning.

or at least when they are reconstructing

the scene prior to his becoming a mishap

of a person, they’ll use the right inventory

to trace out his toe. name him an acronym

from the missing infants’ names. never mind

the name i find. the sell in a name is

those dots that keep competitors guessing.


Seun Fakoyede is a Nigerian writer and School Teacher whose work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Sand Magazine, Going Down Swinging (Pigeonholed), Slice Magazine, Bacopa Literary Review, Third Point Press, Stoneboat and Vinyl Poetry.


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