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NATHAN MANLEY | Cape Elizabeth, October

At each arrival the sand grains wave-turned

and burning quartz-light unsettle their spirals

a thousand golden beetles frittering

out a slant of afternoon


at blue removes

a great glass eye blinks back

the ruin folds its dingy wings and slinks

saint-like and small between bewilderments

of mist

behind the lighthouse


lighthouse beyond which the mind lights at last

on nothing

out there aches of winter’s touch

that plain the dead traverse by froth

and hush

the old Atlantic hauls its tongue

and flutters up the speech-slicked stones one word

flung from its beginning

something like home

Nathan Manley is a writer and former teacher from Loveland, Colorado. He is the author of one chapbook, Numina Loci (2018, Mighty Rogue Press). His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Think, Natural Bridge, Canary, Spillway, Split Rock Review, Plainsongs, and others. His work has also been nominated for Best of the Net. You can find his writing and instrumental music at

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