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  • Alison Morse

Two Poems

First Interview in Bangladesh: Rashida and Her Translator, Action Aid Officer Shubhomoy Haque

The Rana Plaza collapse was a structural failure that occurred on 24 April 2013 in Dhaka District, Bangladesh, where an eight-story commercial building named Rana Plaza collapsed, with a death toll of 1,134. —

Rashida sits

opposite me

on the bed

in her tin-walled room,

mouth gripping headscarf,

forehead, furrowed.

Shubhomoy stands.

There are separate rooms for each tenant. This is a slum.

Outside, open gutters

hold flowing sewage.

More than a year she worked at Rana Plaza, New Wave Bottoms. Yah.

She did not know how to sew at first, but she was smart.

Shubhomoy laughs.

She sewed pants and shirts from eight to five and overtime, break in the lunch.

"How old is she?"

Twenty-four. She's not well fit to work.

"What happened

at Rana Plaza?"

That is not a question to ask her, too traumatic. She was injured in the waist, backside,

hands, legs and head. Still she's suffering.

Who is Rashida?

I translate her

to phantom hit by concrete

pillars, struck by sewing

machines, trapped for days

under floors with bodies.

Let's be plain. She's afraid of working in any garment factory.

With us she trains for tailoring and dressmaking.

She plans to buy a machine to make clothes in this local market.

"Tell her

she is very brave."

Not many women do entrepreneurship. It is risky.

They are producing clothes but no one bites.

Her stare implores,

brows like boats,


You can come here to take the photo.

Rashida stands.

The setting sun

through the door

warms her grayed skin.

She is taller

than I imagined;

broad shoulders

curve inward.

Time to leave.

I hold out

my palm.

"Thank you for the honor

of speaking with you."

She takes my hand,

doesn't let go;

her grip is firm.

If I spoke Bangla,

what would I learn?

We must run now to the next interview.

Rashida does not

let go of my hand.


The Rana Plaza collapse was a structural failure that occurred on 24 April 2013 in Dhaka District, Bangladesh, where an eight-story commercial building named Rana Plaza collapsed, with a death toll of 1,134. —

I am one of the many white cotton

kafan shrouds holding remains—

arms, jawbones, chests too decomposed,

too broken for spouses, parents, children to claim.

Rescue workers in Bangladesh brought me

to Dhaka's public cemetery, filled me with pieces

of garment workers found amidst hundreds

of tons of rubble—all that remains of Rana Plaza,

the eight-story building with five garment factories,

huge cracks. Police ordered evacuation.

The next day, factory managers ordered

their workers inside. The building collapsed, entirely.

When we, the first white bundles

of Rana Plaza's unidentified dead,

were carried to freshly dug graves,

Reuters snapped pictures and crowds

gathered to watch. Our cotton spans held

no discernible faces to be directed toward Mecca.

O Allah, forgive them.

O Allah, strengthen them.

Since then, I've turned into dirt that feeds

grass in the public cemetery,

as have the more than one hundred thirty

still unnamed dead of Rana Plaza.

Their DNA numbers, nailed to sticks,

lie on the ground trampled by playing children.

Their restless silence lies between the bodies of

Abdus Salam, Afzal Hossain Joy, Aklima Begum, Alpona, Ariful Islam, Arifur Rahman, Belal Hossain, Bhagi Rani Das, China Akhter, Ekhlas, Faisal, Jamuna Rani, Josna, Kabir Molla, Khohon, Kohinur Islam, Lal Mia, Lata Yasmin, Lima Akter, Abdur Razzak Khan, Babul Hossain, Basu Mia, Mizanur Hossain, Saiful Islam, Shahajahan, Mohammad Shaon, Mohammad Shohag, Wahed Mia, Mojammel, Monowar Hossain, Mosammat Latifa, Mosammat Sharifa, Mukta, Nipa Akter, Pabitra Rani Mandal, Pintu, Rehana Begum, Rina Akter, Robin, Rumana Afroze Nishat, Shahida Akter, Shukla Sarkar, Sonia, Sonia Akter, Surman Ali, Ujjal, Parvin Begum, Pushpo Rani, Shilpi Akhter, Shilpi Akter, Shujit Shaha, Kanchan Mala, Nurjahan Begum, Rasheda Begum, Rekha, Mohammad Kamal, Monir Hossain, Nila Akter, Rina Akter, Shaila Khatun, Shanta Akter, Sobhan, Abdur Rahman, Anwar, Asma Begum, Jakir Hossain, Josna Khatun, Monira Begum, Khodeja Begum, Rajuka Khatun, Rokeya Akter, Sabina Begum, Shahinur Akter, Shikha Rani Karmakar, Shobha Akter, Shujuar Rahman, Tanjila Akter, Liton, Jahangir Shekh, Shahidul, Taslima, Shirin Akter, Ajam Khan, Habibur Rahman, Jhuma, Munni Akter Shajeda, Fulchan Chandra Mandal, Lucky Akter Sonia, Mohammad Ishaq, Rijia Khatun, Kaiyum Begum, Milan Kumar Sarkar, Monira, Rashidul Islam, Rifat Hasan Alamgir, Robiun Islam, Shojib Shardar, Amina Khatun, Hemayet Ali Chowdury, Rafija, Aleya Begum, Mosammat Khaleda, Nargis Khanam, Alpona Kamruzzaman Babul, Mohammad Hakim, Mohammed Shahin, Morjina Akter Lima, Najrul Islam, Shefali Akter, Tanzila Akter, Bonna Akter, Sharif Hossain, Shamsun Nahar, Shomla Akter, Sokina Akter, Dipa Patro, Ijabul Mallik, Liton, Maksuda Khanom, Mala Rani Baroi, Mamunur Rahman, Nila, Parvin, Shathi, Shumon Das, Shumon Shordar, Shahinur Begum, Beauty Begum, Najma Khatun, Abdul Malek, Abu Jafar Montu, Alia Akter, Alpona Akter, Amena Akter, Ataur Molla, Bilkis Akter, Dipali Rani Das, Firoj Al-Mamun, Firoja Begum, Jaheda Akter, Johra, Josna, Josna Begum, Khandokar Selim Ahmed, Kobita Akter, Lucky Akter, Maidur Rahman, Mala, Mohammad Anwar, Din Islam, Jahid Hasan, Mohammad Jasim, Rofiqul Islam Mukul, Momena, Monowara, Monowara, Monsur Shekh, Janata Akter, Mosammat Majeda, Rekha Begum, Parvin, Parvin, Rasel, Ripon, Rita Khatun, Robiun Alam Shujon, Rojina, Rojina Akter Rubina, Saiful Islam, Salma, Selina, Selina Akter, Selina Begum, Shagorika, Shahanaj, Shahidul Islam, Shila Rani Shripra, Shilpi, Shilpi Akter, Shiuli Rani Das, Shumi Akter, Sri Riti Rani Shutradhar, Tofajjol Hossain, Akhi Akter, Jahangir Hossain, Mohammad Saidul, Hasna Begum, Roksana Begum, Shahida, Shamsun Nahar Shanta, Shirin Begum, Shumi, Fatema Akter, Rehena Begum, Asadul, Rasel Hossain, Mosammat Shilpi, Moyna, Shamim, Shila, Shimu Begum, Shumi Akter, Mir Hossain Miraj, Shapan Sharkar, Fatema, Rejaul Karim Rajib, Iftekhar Hossain Shahin, Rina Akter, Akram Hossain, Anju Begum, Antara, Babul Bishwash, Chompa, Chumki, Fazle Rabbi, Harun Ar Rashid, Hashi Khatun, Johirul, Keya Akter, Khaleda, Khushi, Laboni, Lipi Akter, Lipi Begum, Lovely, Lucky, Mahfuza, Mala Akter, Milon Sikdar, Liton Shekh, Monjur Elahi, Rohidul Islam, Momtaj Begum, Momtaj Begum, Monowara Begum, Morjina Begum, Parvin Begum, Rehena Aktar, Moyna Akter, Murad Shekh, Najma Begum, Nasima Akter, Nilufar Yasmin, Poly, Raju Ahmed, Rehena, Rehena Begum, Rohima, Rubel Bishwash, Rujina Begum, Shajahan Ali, Shirin Akter, Zahid Molla, Asha, Jesmin, Rehena, Riajul Islam, Salma, Taslima Khatun, Urmi Begum, Reshma Begum, Shima Khatun, Asma Begum, Erina Begum, Roushan Akter, Rasheda, Sajeda Akter Shathi, Abu Taleb, Habirunnesa, Masuda Akter, Robiul Islam, Rehana Begum, Ria, Sinara, Sohel, Jhorna, Rojina Akter, Shejda Begum, Shurjo Banu, Lipi Akter, Maya Begum, Shahida Begum, Abul Fajal Khan, Alo, Ashique, Bobita Rani Das, Doyeli, Hanif Khan, Jahanara, Johurul Islam, Kajli Rani, Kobir Hossain, Abdul Hai, Abdul Malek, Kamal Hossain, Momtaj, Nargis, Nittya Khatun, Omor Faruque, Rayhan, Ripon Bapari, Romisa, Shahin, Shahnaj Begum, Shapan Bapari, Sohel Rana, Suriya Begum, Nasima Akter, Parvin Begum, Shohima, Shathi Akter, Jorina, Babu Mia, Shumi Begum, Asma Khatun, Halima, Jakir Hossain Pathan, Kalpona Begum, Khokon Mia, Mohammad Anis, Anisur Rahman, Rasheduzzaman, Shahidullah, Mosammat Salma, Mosammat Sharmin, Shefali Begum, Sultana Begum, Moynal Haque, Rafiqul, Rohima, Sabina Yasmin, Shahida, Shanta, Sharmin, Bithi, Helena Khatun, Kamrul Hasan, Nargis, Abiya Begum, Billal Hossain, Mohammad Shahin, Mosammat Rita, Mosammat Sharmin, Nusrat Jahan Runa, Ripon Hossain, Ajharul Islam, Aklima, Bithi, Ebadul, Hamida Akter, Harunur Rashid, Lipi Akter, Ajijul Haque, Mohammad Israfil, Nargis Begum, Naim, Ojufa, Rehena Khatun, Ruhul Amin, Runa Begum, Shahidul Islam, Sharmin Akter, Shima Akter, Shirin Akter, Shirin Akter, Taslima, Taslima Akter, Tushar, Morjina Khatun, Taslima Akter, Ekhlas Mia, Hridoy Hossain, Khaleda Akter, Mahmuda Akter, Rekha Khatun, Saleha Begum, Yasmin, Al Amin, Poly Akter, Mosammat Tania, Najma Akter, Shahinur, Abdul Ajij, Abdul Halim, Fatema, Kausar Ahmed, Mosammat Asma, Mosammat Rehena, Rohima, Ruksana Akter Roni, Saiful islam, Saifullah, Selim Rana, Shorifa Begum, Mohammad Anis, Monira Khatun, Anwarul Islam, Mohammad Sikandar, Jafar Sadeq, Khodeja Begum, Murshida Akter, Rofikul Islam, Maleka Akter, Rojina Akter, Mosammat Runa, Hosne Ara, Jaheda, Mahida Begum, Selim Mia, Mohammad Tutul, Nargis, Nargis Akter, Nasima Begum, Rehana Akter, Selina, Shiuli Akter, Shoriful Islam, Shumi Akter, Najma Begum, Selina, Titu, Josna Begum, Abdul Kader Rubel, Jobirul Mawla, Josna Begum, Kamrul Alam, Liakot Ali, Mahfuzur Rahman Millat, Bilal Hossain, Dulal Mia, Ridwan Luku, Mohammad Shumon, Taslim Hossain, Mosammat Aklima, Riaj, Roushan Ali, Farid, Alamgir, Hamida, Kakoli, Mahabubul Alam, Nayan Akter, Moriom, Morjina Begum, Bilkis Akter, Mostafijur Rahman, Hosne Ara, Ismail, Shamima, Shathi Akter, Sujarua, Rina Akter, Mosammat Akhi, Mosammat Kulsum, 461. Iqramul Haque, Mosammat Shima, Nurul Huda Sohel, Parvin Akter, Ratena Khatun, Rabeya, Jorina Khatun, Selina Akter, Beauty Akter, Jahidul Akter, Maksuda, Mamun-Ar-Rashid, Abu Taher, Ashraful Islam, Jillur Bari, Lutfur Rahman, Momin, Monika, Monju Rani, Mosammat Motija, Mosammat Sahera , Najma Begum, Oli Ullah, Rasheda Begum, Rekha Begum, Sabiha Sultana, Salma, Shahinur Begum, Shilpi, Shompa Begum, Sonia Akter, Taslima, Asadul Bapari, Asma Akter, Bristi Akter, Rejaul Mondol, Yasmin, Mohammad Obaidul, Ataur Rahman, Shuruj Mia, Mosammat Shathi, Sultan, Firoz, Kalpona, Mohammad Al-Amin, Mohammad Arman, Mollika, Najma Begum, Rajjak, Shajeda Begum, Mohsina Khatun, Rehena Parvin, Shahin Reja, Mohammad Mahedul, Hajera Khatun, Al-Amin, Dulali, Jamil, Julfikar Ali Masud, Kalpana, Khadija, Merina, Merina, Selim Hossain, Mosammat Aklima, Johura Khatun, Moriam Begum, Mosammat Runa, Naim, Najim Uddin, Nasrin Anwar, Rashid, Rejaul, Sabina Khatun, Selim, Shaheb Ali, Shamsun Nahar, Shathi, Shofiul Alam, Abdus Salam, Asma Begum, Chan Banu, Imran Hossain, Mahmuda, Abdur Rashid, Istamara Begum, Mosammat Kohinur, Prabhat Basu, Shirina, Shopna Begum, Sultana Khatun, Baby Akter, Jharna Begum, Lipi Khatun, Mosammat Munni, Mosammat Nasima, Yasmin Khatun, Saleha, Abdullah, Amena Begum, Hajrat Ali, Kakoli, Lata Begum, Mamun, Mehedi Hasan, Mosammat Aleya, Moushumi, Nishi Akter, Rayhan, Shabana, Sohel Rana, Shagorika, Dilnahar Khatun, Shima Akter, Motiur Rahman, Rimu Begum, Shirin Akter, Abdus Sobhan, Abul Kashem, Arjina, Asma, Firoja, Golapi Rani, Habibur Rahman, Josna, Kamrul Islam, Khushi Khatun, Malek Mondol, Mita Khatun, Alamgir Hossain, Alamgir Hossain, Iqbal Hossain, Mohammad Ripon, Shajedul Islam, Khairunnahar Munni, Rupa Akter, Nur Jahan Begum, Rasel, Salma, Shajeda, Shapla, Shapla Akter, Shathi Akter, Shilpi, Shima Akter, Shoriful Islam, Sultana, Farid Hossain, Laboni, Reshma, Rojina, Shajeda, Sultana, Elina Akter, Hasina, Hossain, Farjana, Khalil Hossain, Liton Mia, Parvin Akter, Abdul Qader Liton, Biplob, Fojila Khatun, Fuljan Khatun, Jorina Begum, Ariful Islam, Forhad Hossain, Israil Hossain, Rabeya Bosri, Rubina Begum, Selim Shekh, Shoriful Islam, Sonia, Tahsan Ahmed, Forijan, Komela Begum, Martha Shikha Hasda, Monika, Beauty Ara, Johurul, Shikha Akter, Anwar Noushad, China, Farhad Ali, Jharna, Kalpana, Abdul Momin, Jakir Hossain, Mojammel, Mosammat Rashida, Najmul, Nayan, Noyon, Nurul Islam, Poly Khatun, Rima Akter, Rojina Akter, Salma, Shofikul Islam, Shumi Khatun, Tajul Islam, Amena Khatun, Amina Khatun, Mohammad Solaiman, Momtaj, Aktarujjaman, Ariful Islam Raju, Dulal Mia, Imran, Kobir, Mohammad Furkan, Mohit Shekh, Mohammad Ripon, Shahina Akter, Najnin Akter Brishti, Parvin Begum, Shahnara, Shohagi, Sohan Shekh Jahid, Shahnaj Begum, Naju Akter, Mijanur Kholifa, Yadul Hasan, Muslima Khatun, Rohima Begum, Shirina Akter, Aklima Khatun, Aleya Khatun/Ferdousi, Saleha Begum, Ferdous, Hasan Uddin, Israil Bishwash, Jewel, Abu Said, Ratna Khatun, Mukta, Rohima Khatun, Salma Khatun, Sharmin Sultana, Johidunnesa Jaheda, Rohima, Sabina Khatun, Shahabuddi Kabir, Ali Hossain, Hannan, Khalek, Kohinur Begum, Maya Rani, Mohammad Polash, Nilufa Begum, Ripon, Rojina Khatun, Selina Akter, Tushar Mia, Yasmin, Asma, Shamima Akter, Alamgir, Momota Rani Das, Shobuj, Baki Shekh, Beauty Bewa, Bishwajit Shaha, Libha Begum, Mohammad Shagar, Ratna, Shathi, Shathi, Shekh Yusuf Rana, Shiuli, Shiuli Begum, Taslima Begum, Mohamad Abul Kashem Bhuiyan, Asma, Farjana, Asma Begum, Rofikul Shekh, Abdus Salam Jibon, Aleya Begum, Amirul Islam, Anika, Dipankar Ghosh, Jahangir Alam, Josna, Julekha, Julekha, Lata Begum, Manun Shekh, Masud Rana, Saidul Islam, Samsul Alam, Shahida, Shobha Akter, Moslema, Shimatun Shujata, Johurul Islam, Halima Khatun, Mukti, Nurjahan Khatun, Ujjal Shekh, Ashfarul Islam, Mehedi Hasan, Mohammad Humayun, Rubia Khatun, Shirin Sultana, Shirina Khatun, Asadujjaman, Mosammat Shilpi, Shohidul Islam, Rashida Khatun, Shaukat/Soudat Hossain, Jewel, Robiul Hossain, Anjuara, Helal, Nasrin, Shirina, Lata Khatun, Sweety, Omar Faruque, Saidul Islam, Shekh Abul Kalam, Bhabani Mondol, Morjina Khatun, Afruja Begum, Aktara Khatun, Hanif, Joba, Khadija Begum, Khushi Akter, Alamgir Hossain, Hasan Chowdhury, Nur Islam Rabbani, Mohammad Shablu, Shohidul/Shariful Islam, Mohammad Soleman, Farjana Khatun, Reshma Akter, Toshura Begum, Moushumi, Nipa Khatun, Nur Alam, Nurujjaman, Nurujjaman, Rina Akter, Rita, Rohima, Rojina, Rubel, Sabina Akter, Sabina Begum, Saifur Rahman, Shaila, Shumon Mia, Sobuj Ahmed, Sorjita, Sri Doyal Chandra Roy, Sweety Begum, Moushumi Akter, Pepetua Hasda, Nasima Akter, Rakib, Fojila Khatun, Mominul Islam, Abdul Karim, Ainul Islam, Bilkis Khatun, Gulshane Jannat, Mahmud Hasan, Abdul Latif, Mohammad Islamul, Shaju Akter, Saiyeda Begum, Shantona Akter, Shefali Mardi, Shonali, Shoriful Islam, Abdus Sattar Shagor, Anwar Hossain, Archona Rani, Arifa Khatun, Asma Begum, Dulali, Dulali Begum, Hasina, Helena Begum, Jakia, Johirul Islam, Johurul Islam, Jomela, Julekha, Lipi Akter, Mili, Mini Akter, Minu Mia, Abdul Qader Siddiq, Jasim Uddin, Mohammad Momin, Mohammad Monowarul, Shabuj Shekh, Moksedur, Mollika, Moni, Dulali Begum, Monjila Begum, Nasrin, Nur Karim, Rakib, Rashida Khatun, Reba Khatun, Rohima, Rojina Begum, Salma, Shagor Mondol, Shahana Begum, Shahena, Shahida Khatun, Shahin, Shefali, Shima Akter, Shipon Rashid, Shiuli, Shiuli Begum, Shujan, Shumi Akter, Sriti, Tojammel Hossain, Yunus Mia, Begum, Bulbuli, Bulbuli Begum, Masud, Meher Rani Begum, Chhobi Begum, Maksuda Akter, Nasha Begum, Pinky, Raja, Rashida, Jasim Uddin, Bilkis Akter, Halima Reshma, Mina Begum, Kobirul Islam, Mohammat Jillur Rahman, Bithi Khatun, Kamona Begum, Mosammat Mukta, Nurunnahar Akter Shilpi, Nur Banu Akter, Shyamoli Khatun, Abdul Hamid, Aidul Islam, Ambia, Banesa, Hasinur Rahman, Jahanara Begum, Mosammat Shathi, Qaiyyum, Rabeya Khatun, Halima Khatun, Rubina Khatun, Salma, Shahadat Hossain, Sufia Begum, Anjuman Begum, Laboni Akter, Lovely Akter Lucky, Maya Rani, Kajal Mia, Rojina Akter, Kamrul, Milon, Jahangir Alam, Mohammad Shumon, Golapi Kajal, Qaiyyum, Rashida, Rati rani, Rojina, Ini Begum, Sriti Begum, Sokina, Al Masud, Mohammad Selim, Yusuf Ali, Renu Begum, Abdul Baten, Hossain, Ainul Haque, Aleya Begum, Anjuman Ara, Arjina, Ekramul, Farida Parvin, Golapi Begum, Gulshan Ara Begum, Halima, Hasina, Idris Ali, Jahid Hasan, Jewel, kjmk, Laiju Akter, Laily Begum, Lovely, Majeda Begum, Abu Said, Kobir Hossain, Munna Mia, Najmul Hossain, Mohammad Rejaul, Mominur Mia, Monowar Hossain, Morjina Akter, Mosammat Aduri, Mosammat Farida, Fatema Begum, Nuri Akter, Mosammat Rekha, Salma Akter, Mosammat Shefali, Nargis, Nasim Uddin, Nasima Khatun, Newaj Sharif, Nila Akter, Paritosh Chandra Barmon, Peyarul, Rabeya Begum, Rani, Rasel, Rofiqul Islam, Rohima Begum, Roksana, Rubina Banu, Rupali, Selimujjaman Badsha, Shamsuddoha, Shantona, Shohag, Shona Mia, Shorifa Begum, Shujan Chandra Roy, Shumi, Shyamoli, Arisa Khatun, Arjuba, Abu Syed, Morjina, Shahidul, Sobeda Khatun, Jahanara Begum, Jaheda Khatun, Mosammat Ojifa, Sobiron, Baby Akter, Mohammad Babul, Morshedul Islam, Mosammat Qulsum, Rajib, Anju Begum, Altaf Hossain, Shilpi Akter, Najma Khatun, Shahinur Parvin, Shirin Akter, Alamin, Al-Amin, Badsha, Fahima, Lipi, Mashiur Rahman Nannu, Mehedi, Abu Saleh, Mohammad Badal, Belayet Hossain, Mohammad Ilias, Nasir Uddin, Shohag Haolader, Mosammat Jakia, Shahina Akter Kajal, Mosammat Sonia, Nayan, Rina, Rojina Akter, Ruby, Shobuj, Siddiqur Rahman, Mohammad Khairul, Salma Akhter, Ali Akbar, Amina Khatun, Hasan, Ajmol Hossain, Rojina, Rojina Luchi, Anwara Begum, Forkan Haolader, Hashi Begum, Hira Begum, Jahanara Begum, Jahangir Hossain Sharif, Jewel Haolader, Jinnat Ara Popy, Masum, Gias Uddin, Mohammad Rofiq, Mohammad Shujon, Chompa Begum, Mosammat Kulsum, Moyna Begum, Najma Begum, Nupur, Rofikul Islam, Shahabuddin, Shima Akter, Hashi Akter Munni, Hena, Jannat, Najma, Rofikul, Bitu Baroi, Amena Begum, Lucky Akter, Monir Hossain, Anwara Begum, Dinaj, Harun-ar-Rashid, Jhumur, Josim, Abdul Goni, Mahbub Alam, Mosammat Shahanaj, Nur Mohammad Mir, Ria Akter Ruma, Rohima, Ruma, Salma Begum, Shumi, Jinnat Ara Popy, Laiju Akter, Rohima Bibi, Shumon, Rabeya Khatun, Hafija, Jamal Mia, Kaosar, Khaleda Akter, Majeda, Mamun, Mitu, Nur-e-Alam Shikdar, Putul, Rima Akter, Ruby, Shuborna, Sonia, Tania, Lucky Akter, Popy Akter, Mosammat Salma, Bilkis Begum, Kaosar, Mohammad Siddiq, Taslima Begum, Nargis, Ruksana Begum, Shahina, Sogir Ahmed, Shathi, Rabeya Akter, Hridoy, Jhuma Akter, Kobir Khan, Madhobi Rani, Ali Ajom, Mohammad Ripon, Moni, Najrul Islam, Ruksana, Shiuli, Sultan, Abu Syed, Lija Akter, Nilufa Begum, Akhi Akhter, Taposh Haolader, Alpona Rani, Benu Rani Das, Biplob Bhattacharya, Jayanto, Promila, Shabindra Das, Sharothi Rani Shaha, Shuchita Rani, Shufola, Shushanta Das, Titon Baladam, Jadob Das Nishi, Shurobhi Rani Das, Brojeshwar, Sufia Khatun, Nirmona Rani Das, Nurujjaman, Sanjit Das, Shomapti Rani Das, Doly Rani Das, Ruma Akter, Rashida Akter.​

Alison Morse's chapbooks are The Price of Our Clothes (Perlman Museum) and If You Wave A Chicken Over Your Head (Red Bird Chapbooks). Her poetry has been published in Natural Bridge, Rhino, Water~Stone Review, Fashion Revolution 'Zine #1: Money, Fashion, Power, Poetry City, U.S.A., and Jaggery Lit, among other journals and anthologies. Her recent project about the garment industry began as a multi-media collaborative exhibit that received support from the Rimon and Brin foundations. She and her collaborator travelled to Bangladesh to do research for the project. Alison comes from a family of N.Y.C. garment workers. At present, she lives in Minneapolis.

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