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Puerto del Sol

Weirding it up since 1964.

Puerto del Sol is funded by New Mexico State University and the Mercedes Delos Jacobs Fund, and designed and operated by the students of the MFA in Creative Writing program.

Puerto del Sol is a proud member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.

Vol. 41.1, 2006

March 1, 2006




Lesley Wheeler
Anna Maria Hong
Juda Bennett
Todd James Pierce
Karen Carissimo
Mike Dockins
Lee Ann Roripaugh
Russell Thorburn
Bill Rasmovicz
Allison Eir Jenks
Suzanne Heyd
Lauren Eggert-Crowe
Jill Wright
Claire Drucker
Supritha Rajan
Matthew B. Epstein
David Bergman
Michaela Kahn
James Norcliffe
Jeff Hardin
Malcolm Alexander
Suzanne Kort
Esther Lee
Chris Semansky
Benjamin Vogt
Deidra Green
Leaf Allan
Jean Knight Pace
Toni Mirosevich
Tom Montgomery-Fate
Erika Mueller
Amy Payne
Bernadette Smyth
Rebecca A. Winterer
Patricia Henley
Erin Stalcup
Diego-Alonso Garcia
Patti Horvath
Malia Collins
Victoria Barrett
Genanne Walsh
Robert Boswell
Peter Turchi
kathleen Schwartz
Rus Bradburd
Grace Dane Mazur
Antonio Jose Ponte
Cola Franzen
Luis Lopez Nieves
Tomas Ayala Torres
Teresa Dovalpage
Teresa Carderas Angulo
Judith Kerman
Hilma Contreras


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