The Science Issue

Our themed issue invites interdisciplinary cross-pollination from the sciences, soft and hard. We are looking for works that celebrate and interrogate science, that occupy and define the space between scientific method and artistic production, that navigate the morass between factual environment and the literary interior. We want thought experiments and experimental form. We want tree rings and neutrinos, algorithms and fractals. We want to understand how much we don’t understand (and we don’t mind if you don’t put that in layman’s terms). Most of all, we want to publish innovative work across every literary kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.

POETRY SUBMISSIONS are limited to five poems.

PROSE SUBMISSIONS are limited to one self-contained work (no excerpts please) and should be of under 10,000 words.

Please wait for our response before submitting again. While we do accept simultaneous submissions, please notify us promptly should your work be accepted elsewhere. We do not consider previously published work.

We accept work exclusively through our Submittable submission manager.

Submissions for The Science Issue are open from June 15 to October 15.


General Submissions

Our general submissions are currently closed. Check back later!