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Puerto del Sol

Weirding it up since 1964.

Puerto del Sol is funded by New Mexico State University and the Mercedes Delos Jacobs Fund, and designed and operated by the students of the MFA in Creative Writing program.

Puerto del Sol is a proud member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.

Vol. 12.1, March 1972

November 21, 2019




Sandy Sandoval

Bobby Byrd

Peter Wild

Robert Burlingame

Cheryl Swannack

Leo Romero

Bill Thompson

Mark Medoff

Roger Steinmetz

Mel Buffington

Keith Wilson

Bob Black

William Witherup

Carmen Scholis

Antonio Machado

Hadassah Haskale

Harris Tobias

Larry Goodell

P.R. Morgan

Carlos Reyes

Glen Barton

Frank Peacock

Gene Frumkin

Marcia Manley

Joe Smith

Theodore Enslin

P.B. Treon

Paul Galos

W.A. Roecker

Silvia Ortiz

Halvard Johnson



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