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CURRENT ISSUE:    Vol. 52.1  The Publication Issue,  2017

"This journal is so well balanced. I can’t imagine it without artwork which is a mixture of paintings, drawings, mixed-media, photography, and lithographs. There is a fine line between style and substance. Puerto Del Sol hits that sweet spot. It is not only a beautiful journal to hold in one’s hands but it is filled with beautiful words and pictures. In the closing of the letter to the readers, the Puerto team gives a call to action, 'We want you to read and read and read and read and write and write and write and write.' As long as spaces like Puerto Del Sol continue to exist, readers and writers can do just that."

-The Review Review

Read the full review here.

Carl Adamshick

Kaveh Akbar

María Isabel Alvarez

Samuel Rafael  Barber

Margaret Bashaar

Stephen Eric Berry

Brian Blanchfield

Anne Champion

Thomas Cotsonas

E.G. Cunningham

Clara Dudley

John Elkerr

Daniel  Elkind

Kimberly Garza

Wendy A. Gaudin

Nick George

Marzie Ghasempour

Ian Golding

Emily Haymans

T.S. Hidalgo

Heikki Huotari

Michael Hurley

Canese Jarboe

Iveta Karpathyova

Rustin Larson

Rebecca Macijeski

Victoria McArtor

Alex McElroy

Ben Merriman

Armineh Moghadasi

Lara Mimosa Montes

Daniel  Myers

Laurah Norton

Theis Ørntoft

Derek  Otsuji

Daniel  Paul

Ӧsel Jessica Plante

Jay Ponteri

Susan Azar Porterfield

Rem + Rom

Iliana Rocha

Renée Rossi

Joanna Ruocco

Brooke Sahni

Toby Silverman

Sandra Simonds

Sophia Terazawa

Rachel Toliver

Joseph Santaella Vidal

Matthew Vollmer

Emily Paige Wilson

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