By CarmenSmith

The Books I Carried

I swore I wouldn’t buy a thing, but some books called to me with their siren songs. In another post, I’ll make a list of books I wish I had picked up, but here are the ones I ended up getting (full disclosure: some were gifts because small press people are awesome). 1. A TONALIST by Laura Moriarty published by Nightboat Books 2. THE INVENTION OF GLASS by Emmanuel Hocquard published by Canarium Press 3. A BEAUTIFUL NAME FOR A GIRL by Kristen Kaschock published by Asahta Press 4. OH BABY by Kim Chinquee published by Ravenna Press

AWP swag-o-rama

Although I didn’t have much time to wander around the conference, I did manage to collect a surprising amount of gewgaws, ephemera and all-around fun giveaways from the presses, schools, and mags at the book fair. I never had to leave for lunch because I could fill up on the chocolate treats many tables offered, although I missed Hobart‘s open bar. Stickers, kazoos, bookmarks and cool postcards were among my favorites. I made sure to get two of everything because I knew my kids would fight over the treasures. PUERTO handed out magnetic clips. People will always think of us…